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Fashion Counsel Executive Series: Diane von Furstenberg President & Anthony Lupo Consider the Future of Global Luxury Retail

With each collection, Diane von Furstenberg fearlessly forges new paths for luxury fashion brands with her iconic company. In an interview with the New York Times, she said, "I am not a good CEO, but I have the passion and the force of a founder, and therefore I can make things happen. I can inspire people and motivate people." Her industry leadership combined with her strong business team has kept DVF at the forefront of fashion's future.

When Fashion is Your Business: Tax Advice on Clothing Allowances & Uniforms

Fashion companies often provide uniforms and clothing allowances to their employees. If the company meets requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service, they can get tax favored treatment for those items. However, it can be difficult for fashion companies to meet those requirements.

Fashion Counsel Executive Series: Diane von Furstenberg President and Anthony Lupo Discuss What's Next for the Brand

Diane von Furstenberg’s commitment to empowering women is integral to the brand’s DNA. When Diane was interviewed by Steven Colbert last fall, “[he] asked her what she would make for women to wear to work everyday, her answer was simple but powerful: ‘Confidence.’”

Fashion Counsel: Issues in Online Distribution

Worldwide e-commerce sales are anticipated to increase nearly 21% to $1.592 trillion in 2015. More fashion brands will consider omni-channelling to use technology to deliver their products across a variety of channels. These opportunities allow companies to grow, but also give rise to new legal hurdles.

Avoiding Employment Lawsuits: How Fashion Companies Can Navigate Unpaid Internship Programs

Unpaid internships have made big headlines this year, with fashion houses and publications becoming the target of several high-profile class actions, including an eye-popping $50 million lawsuit and a $450,000 settlement. As a result, one major fashion company, LVMH, has started paying their interns.

Lacoste North America CEO Francis Pierrel: What’s Next for the Brand

This past summer, Lacoste launched a mobile app, Lacoste City Tennis, that is part matchmaker and part personal assistant. Users can find a hitting partner and an open court to play on. As Lacoste looks to the future, this strategic initiative reinforces the high-end lifestyle company's DNA as an iconic tennis brand.

Not So Duty Free: Importing and Exporting Fashion Products

According to the American Apparel & Footwear Association, 97.5 percent of apparel sold in the United States is made internationally, making it important for fashion brands to implement strategic decisions about how they handle US customs duties.

Fashion Counsel Executive Series: Fila’s Got Game: VP Jennifer Estabrook Discusses Brand Strategy

In the second of a two-part episode of Fashion Counsel, partner Anthony Lupo talks with Jennifer Estabrook, Executive Vice President, Business Operations at Fila, about shop-in-shops, Instagram, and what the future holds.

When to Waive: The High Stakes of Class Action Litigation

Avoid Making Litigation News  Costly class action lawsuits, often filed in California, have made business difficult for fashion companies for a number of years. But the law is changing and so are the legal options available to fashion clients. In particular, arbitration provisions that include class action waivers are useful for companies that deal with a large number of employees or consumers. These agreements are especially useful when privacy and confidentiality is needed to avoid add-on lawsuits.Why Use Class Action Waivers?