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Whistle While You Work: Anthony Lupo and Paul Fakler Discuss Music's Role in the Fashion Sector

Many fashion companies use music to create a memorable experience in their showrooms and stores. But is that legal?

In this episode of Fashion Counsel, Arent Fox partners Anthony Lupo and Paul Fakler discuss the evolving trend of major fashion brands that are using music to create and cultivate their DNA. Although musical artists and fashion brands have collaborated for years, the potential of these partnerships has recently come to the forefront. Brands are being driven to create new experiences for their consumers, moving away from the traditional advertising and marketing models that are evolving and adapting to the changing retail landscape.

But with innovation comes the potential for setback; brands must proceed with caution, paying special attention to the pitfalls they may encounter when licensing music. Like anything else, music is a commodity, and in the majority of cases, a license is required to use music for commercial purposes, whether it's simply playing music in a store to having a runway show synced to an exclusive artist mashup.
Through a planned and strategic approach (via the right licenses), brands have a huge opportunity to truly integrate with artists and create experiences that have substantial impact. All they have to do is listen to the music.

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